Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dieting in D'Iberville

So, the dieting has been going amazingly well. Turns out that I had A LOT of weight to lose, but I'm down almost 40 pounds since January. I've started to slack and give in to some cravings, though. I blame it, this week, on the fact that I've finally caught the same cold that Sarahlynn and Ellie have been suffering from -- and I tend to feed my colds. (You know the old saying "feed a cold, starve a fever"... or "starve a cold, feed a fever"... eh, I tend to feed them both.)

Well, Friday, I'm headed off to D'Iberville, MS to spend a week doing huricane relief work with our church. I figure that I'll go ahead and break with the rules of the diet and just take special care to not over eat during the week I'm there. Of course, I'll be doing manual labor all day to. So, maybe I'll break even.

If you have a flexible schedule and some extra days off, I highly recommend finding a disaster relief team to work with through your church or community!

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