Tuesday, July 13, 2004

U.S. Senate resumes debate on gay marriage ban

From U.S. Senate resumes debate on gay marriage ban:
Vice President Dick Cheney's wife Sunday said states should have the final say over the legal status of personal relationships. Lynne Cheney's comments on CNN put her at odds with the president and her husband.

From: Lynne Cheney: Leave gay marriage to the states
She also says people should be free to enter into relationships they choose.

So, I'm from Dick Cheney's home town of Casper, WY. In fact, my highschool nearly got renamed after the Vice President. Of this relationship to the Vice President, I'm not particularly pround. Remember, our common home-state is also home to high profile stories of anti-gay violence and religious antics.

Anyway, it's nice to see Lynn Cheney standing up against her husband to show some level of support for their lesbian daughter, Mary.

Software Profiling

Constructing a first post is a daunting affair, so I'll just forgo that and start off with something interesting...

I'm starting to work on new article that I'd like to target at Dr. Dobb's Journal. I published an article there in Dec 2003 on Application Level Data Caching.

This article is going to be about a framework for integrated software performance profiling. Obviously, you can run your code through a profiling tool and see how much time is spent in which functions, and how often they return success/failure results. What my article will suggest, though, is that it's far more affective to actually integrate profiling features into your code, just like you'd integrate debugging features. The article will describe an object-oriented framework for software performance profiling that I've been designing.

Look for it some trade publication... I hope.