Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In / Running Log

Today's weigh-in came in at 205.4.... which is .9 lbs away from "normal."  I'm less concerned about really being in the "normal" BMI range according to my Wii Fit.  What I really want is just to hear the Wii Fit say "that's normal" or whatever it's going to say.  I think I'll take a video of it when that happens!

Running plans include the St. Louis Science Center 5k/10k this weekend.  Sarahlynn is running the 5k.  I'm going to run the 10k.  The girls are running a kids 1/2 mile around the planetarium.  Fun stuff!!  We practiced this past weekend in the nice cool weather.

More fun - Sarahlynn's parents are coming to visit this weekend and help watch the girls while we're running.  (I think they're proud of us.)