Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Maggie Moos! Haven't been there since last fall sometime. I think the chocolate better-batter is my favorite "fun flavor," but for a special night off this weekend, I got half dark chocolate / half espresso with peanut butter cup mixins. mmmmmmm.... drooollll.....

This was a horribly gluttonous weekend, but not just for the diet-breaking that went on. We also bought a new laptop. (I say "we bought it" because "we" did, but it's really Sarahlynn's new laptop.) My company just switched our corporate contract from HP to Dell, so we got some special discounts! (I hope my old Compaq accidentally falls out the window of my car on the way to work tomorrow so I can get a new Dell, too.)

If you're interested in the specs of Sarahlynn's new laptop:

Dell Inspiron E1505
Intel Core Duoprocessor T2400
CPU: 1.83GHz
FSB: 667MHz
LCD: 15.4 Inch UltraSharp TrueLife Wide-screen WSXGA+
DVD: Dual Layer 8x Burner
Built-in WiFi / Bluetooth

Perfect for running Linux... or... whatever.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My wife haz pointd out to me that their tends to be a hi ratio of typos to total words in my blog posts. Apologies. ;-)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hop! Hop! Hop!

I absolutely love discovering the things that my daughter knows. For a long time, she's know what a bunny rabbit is: "hop, hop, hop," she tells me, bouncing up and down.

The other day after dinner, we went out to the infamous swing set for a quick ride in a swing -- not that there can every be a quick ride with Ellie involved -- and out in the middle of the back yard was a little "hop, hop, hop." It, of course, ran away before we could get anywhere near it.

This past weekend being Easter, we spent the weekend with the in-laws. Before church, Ellie got dressed up and went for a little Easter-egg hunt around the house: toddle, toddle, toddle; set basket down; toddle, toddle, toddle; concentrate picking up poorly hidden egg; toddle, toddle, toddle; set egg gently in basket; pick basket up; toddle, toddle, toddle, while eggs fall out of too full basket... at least she's re-hiding some of the eggs for herself to find again later. ;)

After going to church in South Bend, IN, we headed over to the Studabaker Mansion for Easter brunch (with about 10,000 other folks). After lunch, while Ellie's running around from room to room in this gorgeous old mansion, who should stop by but a very large "hop, hop, hop!" Ellie was a little timid at first, but we me there next to here, she was totally comfortable taking candy from this very large stranger and blowing him kisses as he left.

Great Easter!

(Pictures will be added with the silly website comes back up!)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ahhhh... Boom!

Speaking of guilt, yesterday morning Ellie and I were eating oatmeal for breakfast. Good wholesome stuff. Hers with brown sugar, mine with cinnamon. Ellie really enjoys her booster seat. She plays with the straps, trying to buckle herself in, leaving them and the seat covered in crums or spaghetti sauce slime. She's started helping with cleanup by wiping off the high chair after she's done eating. She also loves to either put her feet up on the table, or push off the table legs and try to tip the chair over backwards. She's done this for months. It obviously makes sense to be extra careful and keep a foot on the chair so she can't tip it over. We've said this for months. Yesterday, Ellie pushed herself over backwards... and smashed the back of her head against the wooden cabinet the fish tank is on. (At least it's made of soft pine... I have to joke. It's how I cope with guilt.)

So, tumbling backward she went. Smack!! Pause. Waaahhhhh!! Then the HUGE knot starts forming on her head. I grabbed a back of frozen beans from the freezer and put it on her head, but by that time, she'd already stopped crying. The size of the lump on her head almost made me vomit with guilt. I don't know if people can understand that feeling without having every let their child get hurt before...

Kept ice on. Checked her pupils. All seems well. I'll still nervous about the next 24 hours... but incase all those episodes of House are true.