Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zoo Keeper

Turns out that my Zoo Keeper friend and I have something in common...

Remember my job title - "Manager of Business Intelligence Architecture" - means that I have 7 "architects" and 18 "programmers" reporting to me.

Out of Minority Report

Remember back to the Minority Report, a Tom Cruise movie about some super-evolved humans that could predict the future and the police used this to pre-arrest criminals. This post has nothing to do with the plot of that movie, only one tiny piece of technology. In the movie, the police used a huge invisible screen that responded to some special gloves that Tom Cruise wore to control what appeared on the screen.... Not so futuristic anymore:

This video shows off two amazing technologies. The first is a project called Photosynth, from Microsoft labs, that takes a deck of images and stiches them together into a 3D landscape. One of their examples is to pull public images of Notre Dame off the web and build those into a pretty good 3D model. The second is the amazing touchless screen from Ubiq LM3Labs.