Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dieting in D'Iberville

So, the dieting has been going amazingly well. Turns out that I had A LOT of weight to lose, but I'm down almost 40 pounds since January. I've started to slack and give in to some cravings, though. I blame it, this week, on the fact that I've finally caught the same cold that Sarahlynn and Ellie have been suffering from -- and I tend to feed my colds. (You know the old saying "feed a cold, starve a fever"... or "starve a cold, feed a fever"... eh, I tend to feed them both.)

Well, Friday, I'm headed off to D'Iberville, MS to spend a week doing huricane relief work with our church. I figure that I'll go ahead and break with the rules of the diet and just take special care to not over eat during the week I'm there. Of course, I'll be doing manual labor all day to. So, maybe I'll break even.

If you have a flexible schedule and some extra days off, I highly recommend finding a disaster relief team to work with through your church or community!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh, Fox... How Sensitive!

Fox recently announced that no show on their networks will ever use the word retarded again, because of how offensive it is. While I admire them for noticing (after receiving a letter written from the National Down Syndrome Society -- so maybe I just admiring them for being able to read!), perhaps it's a bit too early to praise Fox's progresive step forward. Right next to the news article I read was an advertisement for a website that sells t-shirts like this:

Sure I can't blame Fox for the location of an advertisement near a news article about them... but it made for a good post. ;)

Updated with apologies to my brother-in-law, who originally posted the link to this story, for not giving him due credit.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog Against Sexism Day

Aparently.... it's blog against sexism day (for another 4 minutes). So here's my trivial post about a horribly non-trivial problem.

Thought about having girls or boys for children.

To quote my crass uncle:
"If you have a boy, you only have to worry about one penis. If you have a girl, you have to worry about ALL of them."

I love my daughter.
I see myself being overly protective of her someday... that someday may already be here.
I love seeing her play with dolls.
I love when she follows me around and mimics me fixing stuff.
I love seeing her hug her Mom.
I love hearing her laugh.
I love seeing her SCREAM and then tell herself "shhhh".... "giggle"....
I love my wife.
I love the way she smiles.
I love the way she is with Ellie.
I love them both...

I feel like I'd just beat the crap out anyone who tried to hurt them...

Is that sexist?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dieting Update

Just FYI - Sarahlynn and I are still doing South Beach. Nearly 2 months, now. We've both started excercising more, too. I've lost 30 pounds.

I have no idea how much Sarahlynn's lost... but she seems to feel better about it... I think she looks great! Not that she didn't look great before... er... she still looks great... uh... greater?... gooder?... betterer?...

Ugh. There's no right way to provide this compliment without making an insult.


No, I'm not babysitting. I'm just being a stay-at-home Dad, working part time for a couple days while Sarahlynn's out of town being a full-time working Mom. There are some dads I know who do babsit their kids from time to time. Interesting to think about the distinction between babysitting and just taking a turn watching kids... Semantics.

The point was, though, that I must have some strange narcoleptic affect on Ellie. Today, I had a business lunch with several layers of bosses above me. So, I got a friend of ours who owns his own consulting business and works from home to watch Ellie while I was at lunch. (Thanks Scott!) He did a great job. Fed Ellie lunch. Played with her. Kept her entertained and awake until about 2PM. I picked her up and instantly she fell asleep on the way home. I transfered her to bed... and she slept... for 3 and 1/2 hours!!!

My typical day includes coming home to find that Ellie hasn't slept longer than 30 minutes all day, and (sometimes) Sarahlynn and Ellie are both a little crabby about it.

I guess Dad's just a whole lot more boring than Mom.