Monday, March 01, 2010


It took us until this year and the very end of this year's skating season, but we finally took the girls out ice skating at Steinberg Rink.

I was impressed that both of the girls got around walking in their skates just fine. In fact, it got my hopes up that they'd take the ice more quickly that I had imaged. But, they didn't. Both girls had an absolute blast out on the ice with Daddy supporting most of their weight.

Today's back pain has been totally worth the joy I got from having them argue over who got to go next, and finding out that Ada threw a fit when I took Ellie around for two laps IN A ROW without taking her in between.

By my fifth lap around, I thought I had a good position for crouching to keep my balance and not kill my back. I felt really low to the ice, like Anton Ohno!  By the end of the eighth lap, though, my hamstrings were starting to ache a little bit. (Still I ran 10.5 miles later that afternoon!)  Luckily, the girls were ready for lunch, so I got a reprieve.

Needless to day, next season, I think we'll get out a few more times.  I'll need some practice to get my back in shape for it.


RobMonroe said...

I'm jealous! We have not gotten Abby out there - maybe we will this weekend. A few of the rinks around here have 5 gallon buckets or full on "skate helpers" that get your back a little bit of reprieve.

Glad everyone had fun! (though I notice no mention of your beloved wife...)

RobMonroe said...

Now I'm looking at the other pics and see that you can't use skating aids. Hmm. To each their own, I guess.