Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Don't Panic!

Yesterday morning, my wife noticed a strange smell -- a "first day of winter furnace" smell.  Hmm.  Maybe we need a new filter, I figured.  I don't change those nearly as often as I should.  "I'll stop and pick one up after work.  Oh, and the other four things I've been meaning to pick up at the hardware store, too."

No problem finding everything on my list:
  • Furnace filter
  • New kitchen faucet nozzle
  • New stopper for running toilet
  • New ceiling fan light bulbs
When I got home, I went straight to work on those repairs without even taking my work clothes off.  Dunking my hands and shirt sleeves in cold toilet tank water; replacing the kitchen faucet nozzle over the disposal; up and down the stairs to replace the furnace filter; cleaned the bathroom sink drain with draino; etc.  Ada needed to go potty.  Helped out with that...

Something is wrong.

ACK!  My wedding ring!!  Where is it!??!

I should mention at this point that I've lost more than 55 pounds over the past year.  In the cold, my wedding ring can almost slip off.  I thought it was almost.  Yesterday it really slipped off.

I practiced my parenting patience tool:
Take a breath

OK.  Where have I been.  (Go back and read the list.  Toilet.  Sink.  Disposal.  Basement.)  Ugh.  The worst places you can imagine to have potentially lost a wedding ring.

Long story of searching and near state of panic later -- my ring was in an outside open pocket of my work bag.  As I'd slipped by bag off of my shoulder, it must have caught my ring just enough to pull it off.  I was so focused on getting chores done that I didn't notice right away.

Oh... and it turns out that in the midst of all that.  I discovered the furnace is broken.  No pilot light.  No power to the ignition module (which was just replaced last January).  So, we had a fire and spent the night with the gas oven on trying to keep the house warm.  I'll be calling the furnace guy in 40 minutes.


RobMonroe said...

See, I'm not fat - I'm just holding tight to my wedding ring. It's made of titanium and can not be re-sized. :o)

Glad you found it - and I hope that the furnace folks get to the house quickly - it's darned cold out there.

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, I had to have my platinum ring cut off once because I was "holding onto it" so tightly. My understanding is that's a lot harder to do with titanium! But Paul's "assistance" in trying to get the ring off me made for some hilarious (and painful) stories.

Furnace is all fixed now. Less than $75! Woo hoo!

Word verification is "lubed." Really? Well, I suppose they're talking about what you do to a finger to help slide off a tight ring . . .