Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's Overweight!

It may not seem like something to be proud of, but this past week, my Wii Fit finally started telling me "That's Overweight!" This, rather than, "That's Obese!" It doesn't sound great, but it sure felt great!!

I've still got a ways to go, but (not to brag), I'm down 20+ lbs and 2+ inches on my pants in the past 2 months.

The Wii Fit thinks "normal" for me is something I can't ever imagine achieving, but we'll see where things are in another 2 months, and maybe 2 more after that. At this same rate, I'd be where the Wii Fit thinks I should be, but I expect the rate of weight loss to slow soon... maybe.

On top of "eat less" and "exercise more," I've also bee using this resource as well. It's providing me with some good ways of thinking about food and eating.


Sarahlynn said...

I'd like to point out that the Wii Fit's BMI suggestions are based on a VERY small frame. Paul would not be healthy at what the Wii Fit suggests as the top of his "normal" range. Too bad you can't edit the program for frame size.

RobMonroe said...

"Frame Size" will be my excuse, too. I have not been on mine for months - I just can't seem to make time for it. Maybe I will use you two as motivation...