Saturday, May 30, 2009

Potty Training Again

T-minus 32 hours and counting....

The morning of Sunday, May 31st will be Ada's last morning in diapers. The plan is to train Ada tomorrow afternoon. With luck, we'll be done in 4 hours and into a mode of "dry pants?" checking throughout the day rather than diaper changing.

The technique for us has been: Toilet Training in Less Than a Day

Well worth the $6.99 on Amazon. It's a potty training session based on research done the 1970s with developmentally delayed adults who had never been taught to toilet themselves. The education experts and researches took their research results and turned in around into a training technique for toddlers. It worked very well with Ellie (though we've decided that Ellie needs a refresher session to help her become more independent before she gets into kindergarten this fall!)

Bye bye diapers!


RobMonroe said...

Go Ada Go!!

Double meaning just for you. :o)

Any chance you would drop that book in the mail to us after the successful weekend?

Sarahlynn said...

Uh, it might take longer than the weekend.

Things are going very well, but "less than a day"? Not so much.