Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick Birthday Post

Thank you to everyone that made my birthday party this weekend so much fun -- namely my wife, but also all the guests and entertainment.

I was suspicious that there was going to be a surprise party. First, there was Cherry Coke in the house. I only know one person who drinks Cherry Coke, and I'd planned for only two couples to come over for my birthday, not including him -- no offense Scott, I was just planning a much smaller party. Second, my wife was insistent on getting me out of the house for a while. Very pushy about it. But those were the only clues.

I had no idea that there would by 50+ people at the party!! No clue that my parents would drive all the way from Wyoming (not just for my birthday since our 3-month-old was baptized this weekend, too)!! And never could have imagined that there'd be a CLOWN!?!

She was there for the kids. ;)

It was a blast. Thank you to everyone who helped out. And that you, especially, to my wife. The party was great and made me feel very loved.

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