Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's a beaver... It's a badger... It's a...


Yes, indeed, there's a woodchuck living underneath the neighbor's shed. As we were headed out to dinner tonight, I say a thing run from the middle of the neighbor's yard and hide under their shed. "What was that?" I would have thought a raccoon, but it wasn't big enough. The raccoons around here are about as big as a basset hound. "Was it a badger?" I knew it wasn't a badger. They're more vicious than this cute thing. "Did it have a flat tail?" Well, sort of, but it clearly wasn't a beaver! That'd be a silly place for a beaver to live. But it did have an unusually broad tail. It was gray, though. Beavers are more brown.

Despite growing up in Wyoming, I'm a city boy at heart. Someone had to warn me that we had quite a few vines of poison ivy growing up the tree in the front yard!

On the way home from dinner, we saw it again. This time, Sarahlynn stopped so that we could get a better look. Sure enough: quite a big bigger than a squirrel. not a raccoon, not an opossum, not a badger. Kind of looks like a a big overweight prairie dog.... "Maybe it's a woodchuck!?"

Sure enough: woodchuck.


Sarahlynn said...

"It looked like a beaver!" he claimed on our way to dinner.

I scoffed at him, laughed at him a little. All I could picture were Mr. and Mrs. Beaver from Narnia, inviting us into the neighbor's shed (which is right outside our bedroom window) and offering us a cuppa tea.

On the way home, I stopped in the middle of the road and said, "That looks like a fucking beaver!"

We're such indoor types.

Rob Monroe said...

So, you indoor types, have you alerted your neighbor to your finding? That would make a good dinner to share!

Kidding..... mostly!