Friday, July 07, 2006

Baby on Board

The other day, Mommy came home, and Ellie ran to greet her at the door with a big "mama!" and a hug. Then she patted Mommy on the tummy and said "baby!" Ellie's been a great secret keeper!

We are indeed expecting #2, and now feel comfortable sharing the news with the world. Being the information gluttons that we are, we've had some prenatal testing done to learn that this child will only have 46 chromosomes rather than the 47 that Ellie has. Due date is approximately Jan 10, 2007...

Speaking of Jan 10th, I tinkering around with dates the other day and realized that Jan 10, 1001 has a clever translation if you write it out as MMDDYYYY and then translate those characters from binary into hexadecimal. Juvenial geek humor.

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Rob Monroe said...

Yeah, I don't get all of the math stuff on the link, but that's no suprise!

That being said, Congratulations, Paul! There is much excitement in our house, both for the official announcement and that we'll be seeing you in two weeks!!