Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back Home

Well, I did indeed make it back home... to an exhausted wife and a poor sick-o of a kid. In fact, Ellie's had some major congestion for the past several days, with a nasty drainage-caused cough. Ick.

Sarahlynn's younger sister and fiance came into town this weekend for a visit, so we decided to go to the St. Louis Renaisance Faire out in Wentzville. That's actually the place we bought Ellie's first article of clothing, a little renaisance style jumper with fleur de lis on it, even before she was born. The weather was WAY too hot, though. We really overheated little sick Ellie. When she woke up from her nap, around 4:45, she had a fever of 103!! We quickly encouraged her to drink lots of fluids, and gave her some tylenol to break the feaver. By bedtime, she was fealing great again. And now she's happily up-and-at'em at 5:30 this morning! Arrrrgh - as the pirates at the faire would say.

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Jessica said...

Hey - just read the news re: your new job....CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved!