Thursday, November 03, 2005


I think of myself as a bit of a Hippie sometimes. I'm not nearly old enough to be one, of course. The important thing is that I tend to either like people or feel indiferent about them. I very rarely can say that I really hate someone. Here's the history of the people that I've hated.

c. 1985: There was a kid in grade school, 1st grade, that I really hated. He was the main "bully" at school. He pushed me down once, into the mud, and I had to go to the nurses office to get a loaner pair of jeans. (Her office was right next to the principal's, who I believed kept a belt on the wall with nails through it!!)

c. 1988: There was another bully. 4-6th grade, I think. He was really a jerk to everyone. Another classic bully. But the enmity he shows toward others. It made me sick.

c 1994: In high school, there was another guy in the low brass section of the band (I played trombone) that I really hated. I don't know exactly why. I have to admit that it might have been a little jealousy. He was awfully good. But there was something else about him that just made me hate him.

c. 2005: A coworker, whose head is just a bit too big to fit through the door, thinks that his latest undeserved promotion makes him just slightly higher than God on the VIP list. And he's behaving much like God -- the Old Testament, fire and brimstone sort of God. Ugh.

As far as I can recall, these are the only people I've ever HATED. I've been turned off by other peopel's behavior, but always been able to excuse or forgive them. Not these four, though.

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