Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Ewww," the doctor said

You don't ever really like to hear your doctor say "ewww" when he looks at your throat. Well, we all came down with sore throats this weekend, and Ellie tested positive for strep. The pediatrictian prescribed Amoxicillin for Ellie and Mom, and I went to see my doctor today. He asked me how I was feeling, checked my ears, listened to me breathe, then went to go look at my throat... "ewww" is the exact quote. "Oh!" was his med-student's followup. I thought about posting a picture of my throat, but decided that wouldn't really be nice to anyone who reads blogs around meal time.

He did have good news, though. "Looks like you've lost 4 pounds since we saw you last." Huh. I think not eating for the past two and a half days made me lose at least 4 pounds.

Well, Mom and Ellie are feeling better already after 24 hours of antibiotics. I hope I'll feel better tomorrow morning, too.

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