Friday, April 08, 2005

DSL Woes

More later, but the title pretty much says it...

  • Tuesday night - DSL goes down
  • Wed morning - DSL still down, so I look in the phonebook for the ISP's phone number
  • "Doo doo dah, we're sorry. The number you dialed is not in service..." (uh oh)
  • Since I'm in the area today, I'll just top by their office after work.
  • Where their office should be is now a tunnel going under new airport runways! (double uh oh)
  • So, I call the phone company and after some struggle they find out that an order went in earlier in the week to have my DSL disconnected.
  • Based on the conversation, it sounds like my ISP simply closed down, didn't tell their customers, stop paying their phone bill, and now the phone company is shutting off their customers. (Well, what do you expect from an ISP named ValueNet?)
  • But I can't sign up for new service until the old service is completely canceled.
  • Then I have to way another 7 days to get new service setup.
  • So, I asked to sign up for dial-up in the interim 10 days... "Your installation CD will arrive in the mail in 7-10 days." WHAAA?!?!
  • Well, luckily, all you need is your id, password, and a phone number to dial in; and they publish the phone numbers online. Piece of cake.
  • So, we have dial-up again...

  • I did get our email up and running again using
  • The website will be down until we get DSL again. Sorry to everyone pining for pictures of Ellie.

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mypetrock said...

This is why I have SBC. I pay too much, but there is always someone around to bitch to.