Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday's Wednesday Weigh-in

I feel like I've struggled with weight all my life.  I remember times when parents told me I would hit a growth spurt and grow into my weight; I remember the day that my waist size got larger than my inseam; I remember telling myself thousands of times that I just have a big frame and would look silly any skinnier.  Really good at deceiving myself.  Well... today I reached a huge milestone.  The Wii Fit told me that my BMI was in the "Normal" range today for the first time.  As all of my friends know, I haven't weighed this little ever.  I have only one close friend that's ever seen me weight less, and that's because we went to Junior High together.

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RobMonroe said...

That's such great news, Paul! Congratulations - that's a huge accomplishment.

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ClaudeG said...

I often click on the nxet blog button to see what's going on around the world and today i came up on your blog. Congratulations for your achivement of loosing weight and keep the good rule of eating small balanced meals. I personally lost 41 pounds of fat since last march 16th. I, like you used WII balance to keep track. I can't run or do any sport that would help the process because i'm a polio survivor but avoiding sugar and high cabohydrated food can do the job. I'm 5'11" / 195 pounds at 61 years young. So, take care and enjoy your life.
from Montréal, Québec, Canada