Monday, July 13, 2009

A running I will go!

I've decided to take up running as a standard part of my workout routine. I gave it a try several weeks ago... and realized it wasn't so bad. Maybe I was expecting a worse experience considering the 50+ ft elevation change that occurs withing 1/4 mile any direction of our house. There's no where to run from here that isn't a hill. Still, I went out running. Came back. Measured my route on Google Earth.... and realized I'd run 2 miles. Not bad.

Now I'm up to a nearly 4 mile routine (including warm-up / cool down).

Sarahlynn encouraged me to go find the "Marathon for non-Runners" book we had in the basement. We'll see.

At the very least, I've committed to 300 miles over the next year. That is, I bought good running shoes.

Wish me luck!


RobMonroe said...

Good luck Paul! Our hill is only a little steeper, but I'm going to let it intimidate me for a bit longer. I've really enjoyed swimming the last few weeks, but that's a much more expensive proposition!

That reminds me that I want a new pair of shoes...

Kaden said...

You are a inspiration for others.! Good luck for your 300 miles. I LOVE your running shoes.