Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sleep!! (revised)

It's been five nights now. I feel like we (or rather I, since breast-feeding-mom always has a trick that will work) were learning a few tricks here and there, but there are times when Ada cries and nothing I do seems to work. Or course that raises my stress level and makes it even harder to soothe her.

What I should probably do is put together an actual list of the various things to try. Then just methodically go through them one by one. Change up the order in which I try things. Record which ones work / don't work on a given occasion. Record my impressions of Ada's mood or any other pertinent details. Then run some correlations to figure out which tricks work best...

And by the time I'm done with that, it'll all change and she'll want something else to soothe her. ;) Just seems like that's the way it works.

But back to my sleep post -- I have to rescind the statement about Ada and Mom sleeping together for a while. Ada slept on and off. Mom slept very little. I think I have breast envy.

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Jessica said...

Have you seen the baby language DVD's? I don't know how accurate they are but people are swearing by them....that each cry has a distinctive sound indicating specifically what the baby is upset by so that they can be appropriately comforted. It's an interesting concept.