Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a New Pointy-Haired Manager Who Just Got Back from a Vacation-Conference-Vacation Trip

Not that it was an over-booked day, just one that was too busy.
6:00 AM - Wake up with Ellie. The day starts off great! Ellie slept all the way through the night and didn't get up until 6AM. Best news all week.
7:00 AM - Shower.
8:00 AM - Start getting Ellie ready for school, and packing her up in the car.
8:20 AM - Discover that we forgot to get the second car seat back from our friend who took us to the airport two weeks ago!!!
8:31 AM - Rearrange plans for the day... Oh crap.
8:33 AM - Off to school with a new plan.
8:40 AM - Stop to get gas.
8:52 AM - Arrive at Ellie's school to drop her off.
9:00 AM - Back in the car just in time to join a conference call with my boss.
9:15 AM - Arrive at work, drop off my computer at my desk, boot it up, get some coffee, and head right into my boss's office for meeting #1.
9:30 AM - Meeting #1 done. Stay in boss's office for meeting #2.
10:00 AM - Meeting #2 done. Stay in boss's office for meeting #3.
11:00 AM - Meeting #3 done. Walk with boss to the 1st floor for meeting #4.
12:10 AM - Leave meeting #4 early to go pick up Ellie from school (Sarahlynn's at a dr appt)
12:30 AM - Arrive at school to pick up Ellie.
12:50 AM - Arrive at Barret's to drop Ellie off with Sarahlynn and give her the car seat.
1:00 PM - Meeting #5 starts... I join via conference call from the car, while I'm moving car seats from my car to Sarahlynn's.
1:10 PM - Head back to work.
1:45 PM - Arrive back at work as meeting #5 finishes.
1:50 PM - FINALLY sit at my desk and logon to my PC for the first time all day!!!!
2:00 PM - Move on to meeting #6... another with my boss.
3:35 PM - Meeting #6 ends late, and I rush back to my desk to join meeting #7, the invite for which I've forwarded to one of my developers that has very little idea what it's about.
3:40 PM - Join meeting #7 late, with apologies to all.
4:14 PM - Finish up meeting #7 and head over to meet with the developer about the project we were just discussing.
4:45 PM - Back to my desk again... 87 new unread messages from the day along with countless voicemails and the couple hundred other email messages from my vacation and trip that still need to be answered.
6:00 PM - Head on home.... still just as much new email and voicemail...
6:15 PM - Get to see my daughter and swing with her for a while. ;-)
7:00 PM - Bathtime
7:20 PM - Sarahlynn leaves for her book club
7:45 PM - Ellie safely off to bed
8:00 PM - Dinner
8:03 PM - Back to the email that needs to be replied to. ;-)

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Sarahlynn said...

Hmm. You forgot your "Honey Do" list at home, that ever-growing and insatiable thing.

Also, it seems that I should be doing more in the mornings. Yikes!