Saturday, February 11, 2006


I've never been a good dieter. Before our wedding, we did Dr. Atkins for a while. I cheated constantly. On that kind of diet, cheating is a sure fire way to fail. Beyond that, I've just always loved food. For the taste. For something to have in my mouth. For something to have in my hands. I guess I could have taken up smoking, but my parents did that, and I found it horribly disgusting. Instead, I learned my eating habits from them.

Well, around the new year, we started the South Beach diet. Bought a couple books. Cut processed grains / sugar from our diet. Absolutely amazing results. I've lost nearly 25 pounds since January 5th. If I lose another 30, I'll be down to a weight I haven't seen since something like the 10th grade.

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mypetrock said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm glad that you are seeing good results. It's an inspiration to the rest of us who are still looking for the good results.