Monday, January 02, 2006

The Plague Cometh

I, the Plague-Carrier, have continue to infect family after family. After the trip to Wyoming, during which I put my brother-in-law in the hospital, we all returned back to Valparaiso for some time with Sarahlynn's family. Grandpa Ted had already had his 24-hour dose of flu. Over the past several days, both of Sarahlynn's sisters (and possibly a dog or two) have all gotten equally sick, and now great-grandpa is having stomach cramps!

Admittedly, there's a minutely slim chance that I haven't been the only carrier of this bug... but believing I infected dozens of sure makes me feel influenzial (sic)*.

*Ha! Did you catch both of those convenient puns:
influenzial.... influenza...
sic... sick...

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