Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Letter Woes

Sarahlynn did a wonderful job writing and preparing our Christmas letter for this year. It's got nice things to say about all of our individual adventures this year, a top ten list, a family Christmas picture, happy wishes for everyone, all to be printed on nicely bordered paper. Well, the printing didn't get off the ground as quickly as we'd hoped because of frustrating printer problems.

Well, those printer problems have finally be rectified via the purchase of an early Christmas present... a new printer. This one (Epson CX7800) is a nice step up from the previous model (Epson CX5400). It can scan negatives and slides. It has slots for all varieties of camera memory. A USB port to connect cameras directly. Great automatic photo adjustment settings. All kinds of super features! Merry (early) Christmas to me.

Now I can print a nice print out of this to put up at work. (And boy does it make nice prints!)

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mypetrock said...

I'm actually a big fan of the sweaters...

Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged for 5 weird habits. Enjoy!