Sunday, October 02, 2005

Parenting - Disney World Style

Well, I'm a little late in posting this story, but I do love sharing it...

I was lucky enough to get to go to a conference for work in Disney World! So, we decided to make a family vacation out of it and take Ellie to visit her favorite donkey... and that mouse guy, too. I'll leave a major post about the vacation to Sarahlynn; she'll do the trip more justice that I would.

I do need to share my favorite part of the whole vacation, though. (And it's my favorite not because I enjoyed it at the time, but because I get to tell other people the story over and over and over.)

Disney World has a wonderful deal with several of the major airlines, now. You can actually get your boarding pass and check you luggage AT your Disney resort hotel. Wonderful! All we had to do Monday morning was take our luggage to the check-in area, they check us in, tag our bags, and take them off to the airport for us. Awesome. So, we leave our carry-ons with the bell-stand and head off for a fun day at Animal Kingdom before our evening flight.

Animal Kingdom was fun.

So we arrive back at the hotel just in time to catch our Disney Express bus back to the airport. Halfway to the airport, Ellie has diarrhea. While sitting on Dad's lap. And it leaks out. On his shorts. On his shirt. Oh, was I SOOOO glad that we checked our luggage at the hotel. (ugh) We had a spare outfit for Ellie, of course.

As soon as we got to the airport, I headed straight to a bathroom to clean up. Got Ellie cleaned up. Got her spare outfit on. Mom was nice enough to go to the nearest store and buy me a new shirt... no shorts or pants to speak of at the NASA gift store in the airport, unfortunately. Well, Sarahlynn claims they had full body jumpers, like the one she bought as Ellie's new spare outfit, that were adult size. I think security might have held me up for a while, though, if I tried to walk through in a big NASA jumper with footies.

Well, I cleaned up my shorts as best I could and proudly paraded through security with a soaking wet crotch. (No, the bathrooms didn't have driers!)

If you're brave enough, here's my picture after some basic preliminary cleanup...

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