Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fall Vacations / Work

It would appear that I'm going to get to have some fun this fall!!

Number 1
First, I'm going on a business trip to Orlando, FL in late September. 5-day vendor conference. Lots of schmoozing. Some (hopefully good) technical workshops. Sure we're staying at the Swan & Dolphin in Disney World... but it's a business trip...

But... you're right. While I'm there, we might as well ALL go and spend some good quality family time hanging out at the Disney World parks. Heck, when you can spend $15 on plane tickets (frequent flyer miles), that really does make for an affordable vacation. I just can't wait for Ellie to meet Eeyore! It's too bad that the Dora the Explorer isn't a Disney character.

Number 2
Then, much less exciting I assure you, is a trip in October to Washington D.C. Again a business trip, but for some training by one of the classic gurus in my field. I'm still awfully excited to go.

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