Sunday, January 16, 2005

Finishing Projects

Admitedly, I'm not the best at finishing household projects in a timely manner. Cases in point:
  • It took me 9 months to build the cedar chest for Sarahlynn's first Mother's Day.
  • The bathroom sink and cabinet I bought at the same time (as Ellie's gift to Sarahlynn) is still sitting in the workshop... now probably not usable from exposure to all the humidity and cold.
  • Both the workshop and basement storage are in shambles of disarray from my lack of patience in trying to get things organized.
  • This list can go on...
Never the less, here I am starting another new project. And it's probably the largest home improvement project I've ever done in our house!

The contractors just finished work on our basement bathroom a few weeks ago, but we decided the basement should be an even more hospitable "inlaw-suite". So, we're tearing down the wall next to stairway to open up the bathroom entry and laundry room, drywalling the outside of the bathroom, putting a ceiling in the laundry room, and painting the whole place.

If a cedar chest using 64 sq ft of lumber takes me 9 months to complete, then a basement with 1,000 sq ft of drywall will probably take me about 11 years. Luckily, we'll have divorced by then and both moved out of the house. (I can't imagine Sarahlynn staying married to me after 11 years of basement-in-progress.)

--Pictures to come if work progresses.--

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