Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

I don't know why this Oct 10, 2006 post popped up on the top of the atom-feed from my brother-in-law's blog... but it seemed like a good idea to follow his example and try to follow this example.

Three beautiful things from my day... and this was quite the struggle today.
  1. My wife, who is 39+ weeks pregnant, about to go into labor any moment, is not only an incredibly beautiful pregnant woman (I'll post the maternity pictures when we get them back); but she's sitting here on the couch studying for the GRE that she is planning to take tomorrow morning, three days before her due date! Her drive and dedication is beautiful.
  2. Yesterday, we availed ourselves of a house-cleaning gift certificate that my wife received from my parents. Today, despite being ransacked by a three-year-old, the house is still in better shape than it's been in a long time.
  3. (Partially because I couldn't come up with a third thing) I'm back on the exercise wagon today. I vowed to put on 20lbs over the holiday season, and lose 50 by June. With a low-carb diet and 3-5 nights on the elliptical machine each week, I was able to lose nearly 50 last year. I gained a total of 25 back (not just over the holiday). So, I'm back on the elliptical machine again... as soon as I publish this post.
Thanks Rob!

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Rob Monroe said...

Glad to hear that you're exercising again. We got rid of our treadmill last summer because a certain someone thought of it as an eye sore. Now I wish we had it, because our weather is completely unpredictable. We did go for a walk the other day, so that's a start.